Linux Administration, just like any other profession, requires dedication and a certain passion for it.

Without getting into being a nerd, one needs to be able to keep learning about the profession.

Maintaining a balance between spending time with IT and still be social is not always easy, but its pursuit has certainly brought its fruits.

Since many years I enjoyed learning how to do things in IT field and then teaching it to others.

This way I ran the risk of making myself redundant a lot of the times.

It certainly brings employment insecurity, but it also brings the satisfaction of having contributed
in the flow of information between us all fellow travelers.

The GPL is a good example of this attitude of which we now all benefit from one way or other.

Finding out what a client needs and translate my skills into a finished product or service which satisfies the client, brings me lots of joy. A good reason to let the ‘play’ continue that way.