Redundant email servers (Xen Appliance)

Xen Appliances
For people who are using Xen as Virtualisation environment, the following products are available here:

Single or Redundant mail servers with the following features:

  • Postfix configuration and user accounts stored in MySQL DBs are bidirectionally synchronized via loop Replication
  • Emails content synchronized via GlusterFS
  • Full redundancy in case of failure or maintenance
  • Daily encrypted backups of incoming emails of all accounts
  • SPAM filtering using, Amavis/Spamassassin with learning feature
  • Anti-Virus using ClamAV
  • Encrypted transmission of mail to other email servers when supported
  • IMAPs/SMTPs Using a load balancer (not provided but Loadbalancing simple NGinx configuration instructions are provided)
  • Group Office as Office and Webmail interface


Redundant Web servers with the following features:

  • Bidirectionally synchronized Apache2 web server configuration using GlusterFS
  • Bidirectionally synchronized Web space data using GlusterFS
  • Synchronized of MySQL databases via bidirectional loop replication.
  • Use of FTP/FTPs to any of the 2 web servers for uploading of web pages

WordPress Web server

  • Creates a new immediately functional WordPress webspace/account in 6 Seconds via a web interface.
  • Deletes existing WordPress web space/account in 3 Seconds